Corfu Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Tour

3 - 4 hours


There is a group of travelers that finds fascinating the idea of tasting the numerous and special local food and drinking products of each destination they arrive. If you, your friend or group of friends belong in this group of travelers we have created the proper mini bus tour for you.

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    Theotoky Estate.

    Theotoky Estate is situated in the center of Corfu island, in Ropa Valley. It covers an area of 1100 acres of land full of olive and pine trees and the very best vineyards, famous across the world for its excellent red and white wine. Into the estate George Theotokis the owner of the estate care of sheep, horses and other farm animals by allowing them to grow and reproduce in their natural environment.

    Theotoky Estate has been open to visit to the people only the last years and by arriving with your mini bus there you will be able to experience the way the famous Theotoky wine is produced and of course to taste it, even also to buy some bottles from the small shop inside the Estate.

    Another excellent and unique product of Theotoky Estate is the organic extra virgin olive oil and the mouth-watering olives exported across Europe and beyond. Your will be offered to taste them and of course if you would like to purchase some.

    Theotoky Estate is one of the few ecological parks left  and you will be continueing your mini bus tour filled with the uplifting energy of the atmosphere oxygen, the sun and the unique wine and food products of Theotoky’s Estate.

    Sinarades Village.

    The special characteristic of this old village apart from the narrow streets between the houses, is the  special way the houses are built with the forming “volta” on the doors, the marble doors and the small and narrow stairs leading to verandas (called bontzoi). The village has 12 churches and a Folklore Museum. The Sinarades is a village that has been especially loved by visitors of Corfu, especially those who want to discover something beyond the beaches and tourist attractions in Corfu. Outside Sinarades village is a place called Aerostato up on the hill, where you can admire the magnificent view of  Corfu island and the Ionian Sea.

    But for you to enjoy the best view of the island, we have planned your next destination of your tour to be the traditional village Pelekas and the ‘ Kaiser Throne ‘. Check on for more information about the village of Pelekas on the All day tour Pelekas village.

    Your last stop before driving you back to the port to get back on board to your cruise ship is the old Corfu Town center. You can read for the places that are most interesting to visit in the venetian unique old  Corfu town center, on the half day tour old Corfu town section.

    So with the best tasty experiences and some wonderful pictures of the beauty of Corfu island you and your group of friends, will be left just outside the main entrance of the port where this wonderful tour had started.